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3dp4021 - 3d printer kit by velleman (k8200)
3DP4021 - 3D Printer Kit by Velleman (K8200)
Now you can own your very own 3D printer and make thousands of weird, wonderful and practical objects, while impressing your friends and family at the same time. 

Though you are limited to the size of the print area (200mm cube), ... - More Details
   3D Printer Kit by Velleman (K8200)
ar1871 - 2.4ghz digital hdmi av sender/receiver
AR1871 - 2.4GHz DIGITAL HDMI AV Sender/Receiver
A low cost solution AV sender designed to transmit high definition audio and video signals from your HD equipment to your HDTV or HD monitor without the use of long cable runs. Simply connect a HDMI cable from the transmitter to your HD device ... - More Details
   2.4GHz DIGITAL HDMI AV Sender/Receiver
ar1878 - 5.8ghz wireless av transmitter and receiver
AR1878 - 5.8GHz Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver
Exceptional performance and value for money continues to make this 5.8GHz wireless AV sender one of our most popular products. Now in its third generation with a more compact size, increased range, and an upgraded remote control extender with larger ... - More Details
   5.8GHz Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver
gadkj8916 - robotic arm with controller
gadt3598 - wi-fi rover with camera
GADT3598 - Wi-Fi Rover with Camera
Have endless hours of fun, sneaking up on your family and friends with the Wi-Fi iPad® / iPhone® / iPod ® controlled rover. Take control of the rover by downloading the free app from the iTunes® App Store, installing it on your ... - More Details
   Wi-Fi Rover with Camera
gps701 - 7 inch gps with nz maps and wireles reversing came 1. 7 inch TFT touch screen, solution: 800*4802. CPU: SAMSUNG 2443 400MHZ4. Bluetooth  5. Operating system: WinCE 5.06. Storage: internal 128M Nand flash / external SD card7. Types of operation methods: touch screen, ... - More Details
GPS701 - 7 inch GPS with NZ maps and wireless reversing camera, bluettoth, FM radio etc.
   7 inch GPS with NZ maps and wireless reversing camera, bluettoth, FM radio etc.
hdcarcam01 - car dvr hd video camera
HDCARCAM01 - Car DVR HD Video Camera - with 4GB SD card
 If you need a a witness or a camera.when you are driving.. and now you can with this Car DVR HD Video Camera!

The HD windscreen Camera is like a black box for your vehicle, so if something happens like an accident or ... - More Details
   Car DVR HD Video Camera - with 4GB SD card
mb3694 - 6-in-1 jump starter power station
MB3694 - 6-in-1 Jump Starter Power Station
A versatile jump starter that incorporates a raft of essential functions for general automotive, camping and emergency situations. Tucked in on either side are two tough insulated battery clamps for jump starting a vehicle or charging a 12VDC ... - More Details
   6-in-1 Jump Starter Power Station
mcb4211 - eleven (100% arduino uno compatible)
MCB4211 - Eleven (100% Arduino Uno Compatible)
The "Eleven" is just like an Arduino Uno - but better!
It is based on the existing (at the time of print) Arduino Uno but with improvements and updates for ease of use, cost and getting started.

An Arduino Uno like the ... - More Details
   Eleven (100% Arduino Uno Compatible)
mcb4215 - protoshield basic for arduino
MCB4215 - ProtoShield Basic for Arduino
Breadboards are handy for quickly prototyping Arduino projects on the workbench but they're no good for making a more permanent project. The ProtoShield Basic is a low-cost Arduino prototyping shield that enables you to make more durable or ... - More Details
   ProtoShield Basic for Arduino
mcb4216 - rfid lock shield kit - arduino compatible
MCB4216 - RFID Lock Shield Kit - Arduino Compatible
This shield allows your Arduino to control a door lock using an electric strike plate and one of a number of commonly available RFID modules. Based on a project in the book Practical Arduino, which includes extensive documentation. Example source ... - More Details
   RFID Lock Shield Kit - Arduino Compatible
mcb4217 - etherten (100% arduino compatible with onboard eth
MCB4217 - EtherTen (100% Arduino Compatible with Onboard Ethernet)
Arduino and Ethernet. Until now the only way to connect an Arduino to the Internet via a LAN was to add an Ethernet Shield. 

The EtherTen is a 100% Arduino compatible board that can talk to the world. Do Twitter updates ... - More Details
   EtherTen (100% Arduino Compatible with Onboard Ethernet)
mcb4218 - security sensor shield kit for arduino
MCB4218 - Security Sensor Shield Kit for Arduino
Allows you to connect up to 4 security sensors to a compatible Arduino board. Features full end-of-line support to detect tampering with sensors or cable. The end-of-line technology allows the detection of

• Sensor triggered
More Details
   Security Sensor Shield Kit for Arduino
mcb4221 - 433mhz receiver shield for arduino
MCB4221 - 433MHz Receiver Shield for Arduino
Add a receiver module to your Arduino project to receive signals from wireless devices including weather stations, home automation remote controls, power consumption meters, car alarms, and also many DIY projects that transmit on 433MHz. Supplied ... - More Details
   433MHz Receiver Shield for Arduino
mcb4223 - usbdroid with onboard android/usb host
MCB4223 - USBDroid with onboard Android/USB Host
Just like an Arduino Eleven but with a microSD slot and extra USB port designed to connect with Android devices like the HTC Desire and Nexus mobile phones or the Xoom tablet. It is specially designed to be compatible with the Android Open Accessory ... - More Details
   USBDroid with onboard Android/USB Host
mcb4225 - terminal shield for arduino
MCB4225 - Terminal Shield for Arduino
Breaks out all the Arduino headers to handy screw terminals, making it easy to connect external wires without using a soldering iron. Ideal for quick experiments or for robust connections! Supplied with all the supporting components already fitted ... - More Details
   Terminal Shield for Arduino
mcb4227 - 3-axis accelerometer module
MCB4227 - 3-Axis Accelerometer Module
This 3-axis accelerometer module can operate in either +/-1.5g or +/-6g ranges, giving your project the ability to tell which way is up. Ideal for robotics projects, tilt sensors, vehicle dataloggers, and whatever else you can dream up. Perfectly ... - More Details
   3-Axis Accelerometer Module
mcb4229 - light sensor module for arduino
MCB4229 - Light Sensor Module for Arduino
Measure light! Adapted to the human eye response, this silicon light sensor outputs a voltage proportional to incoming light. Perfect for measuring light levels both indoors and out, security sensing and human feedback like waving a hand over the ... - More Details
   Light Sensor Module for Arduino
mcb4231 - temperature sensor module for arduino
MCB4231 - Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino
Sprinkle these around your house to collect temperature data using your Arduino. This 1-wire bus temperature sensor module is easy to connect and use. You can even daisy-chain several together on the same wire. 0.5°C accuracy and fast ... - More Details
   Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino
mcb4233 - sound & buzzer module for arduino
MCB4233 - Sound & Buzzer Module for Arduino
This versatile piezo-element module can be used for both input or output! It can be used as a noise-maker driven by your microcontroller for audible feedback of events, and it can also be used as a knock-detector input to sense events and react to ... - More Details
   Sound & Buzzer Module for Arduino
mcb4235 - full colour rgb led module for arduino
MCB4235 - Full Colour RGB LED Module for Arduino
This is an LED with a brain! Includes a bright RGB LED on the top of the board and a WS2801 constant-current, addressable, multi-channel LED driver on the back. This smart module can be daisy-chained, so you can connect a number of these together in ... - More Details
   Full Colour RGB LED Module for Arduino
mcb4237 - microphone sound input module for arduino
MCB4237 - Microphone Sound Input Module for Arduino
Give your project ears with this sound response and sound pressure level sensing module. An integrated dual signal amplifier converts the sound to separate channels for pulse and frequency measurement, and sound volume level. Designed to connect ... - More Details
   Microphone Sound Input Module for Arduino
mcb4243 - hall effect magnetic & proximity sensor module for
MCB4243 - Hall Effect Magnetic & Proximity Sensor Module for Arduino
Sense magnetic presence, rotating wheels and magnets, door and arm sensors, and anything else magnetic nearby this sensor.

• Green "triggered" LED for easy setup and use
• Output turns on at 40 Gauss ... - More Details
   Hall Effect Magnetic & Proximity Sensor Module for Arduino
mcb4247 - humidity & temperature sensor module for arduino
MCB4247 - Humidity & Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino
Measure temperature and relative humidity using a simple interface that requires just three wires to the sensor: GND, power, and data. Supported by an Arduino library that makes it very easy to read values into your project, so with a single I/O ... - More Details
   Humidity & Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino
mcb4249 - protoshield short for arduino
MCB4249 - ProtoShield Short for Arduino
A dedicated short version prototyping shield for the Freetronics EtherTen and EtherMega. This special prototyping shield is designed to fit neatly behind the RJ45 Ethernet jack, allowing you to stack your Ethernet-based projects right on top with ... - More Details
   ProtoShield Short for Arduino
mcb4250 - stepduino arduino compatible
MCB4250 - StepDuino Arduino Compatible
A complete, self-contained Arduino-compatible board with onboard stepper motor drivers, servo interface, micro-SD card slot, and 20x4 character LCD. Perfect for building robots or other mechatronics projects: just connect up stepper motors and go! ... - More Details
   StepDuino Arduino Compatible
mcb4257 - ethermega, mega sized arduino 2560 compatible with
MCB4257 - EtherMega, Mega Sized Arduino 2560 compatible with Ethernet
The ultimate network-connected Arduino-compatible board: combining an ATmega2560 MCU, onboard Ethernet, a USB-serial converter, a microSD card slot for storing gigabytes of web server content or data, Power-over-Ethernet support, and even an onboard ... - More Details
   EtherMega, Mega Sized Arduino 2560 compatible with Ethernet
mcb4258 - mega prototyping shield for arduino
MCB4258 - Mega Prototyping Shield for Arduino
A super-size prototyping shield to fit the EtherMega (MCB4257) and Arduino compatible "Mega" size boards so you can fit your own parts for projects. Fits on the top of the EtherMega (and provides a large matrix of plated-through holes for ... - More Details
   Mega Prototyping Shield for Arduino
mcb4261 - ir temperature sensor module for arduino
MCB4261 - IR Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino
Remote temperature sensing for your Arduino! Connect this to your board and point it at a surface or heat source to remotely measure its temperature. This is our special version of the industrial infrared remote thermometer units with an onboard ... - More Details
   IR Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino
mcb4265 - h-bridge motor driver shield for arduino
MCB4265 - H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield for Arduino
Directly drive DC motors using your Arduino compatible board and this shield, which provides PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) motor output on 2 H-bridge channels to let your board control the speed, direction and power of two motors independently. ... - More Details
   H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield for Arduino
mcb4267 - leostick arduino compatible
MCB4267 - LeoStick Arduino Compatible
The very popular LeoStick is a tiny Arduino-compatible board that's so small you can plug it straight into your USB port without requiring a cable! Even with its tiny size it has a full range of analogue and digital I/O just like its larger cousins, ... - More Details
   LeoStick Arduino Compatible
mcb4269 - leostick prototyping shield
MCB4269 - LeoStick Prototyping Shield
Add your own custom parts to the LeoStick to build projects or add more I/O connectors. Fits on the top of the LeoStick and provides you a free matrix of plated-through holes for your own use.

• 64 general-purpose plated holes for ... - More Details
   LeoStick Prototyping Shield
mcb4277 - 8 channel relay driver shield
MCB4277 - 8 Channel Relay Driver Shield
Drive up to 8 relays from your Arduino using just 2 I/O pins with this shield. It communicates with your board using I2C, so you can even stack several shields together to drive 16, 24, or more outputs! Includes back-EMF protection and works with a ... - More Details
   8 Channel Relay Driver Shield
mcb8727 - ic atmega328p 16mhz w/ uno bootloader
An Atmel AVR ATmega328P microcontroller for you to build your very own customised Arduino compatible projects. For your convenience it comes with the Arduino Uno bootloader pre-installed and features a special label on top which details the ... - More Details
ne8352 - power line ethernet adaptor
NE8352 - Power Line Ethernet Adaptor
Sometimes the only effective way to share Internet throughout your home or office is through the use of Cat5 cables. Depending on the distance of the run, locations and the number of machines you need to connect, a seemingly simple setup can soon ... - More Details
   Power Line Ethernet Adaptor
ne8360 - universal wi-fi extender
NE8360 - Universal Wi-Fi Extender
Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and extend the range of existing 802.11b/g/n networks with ease. Just plug the unit into an existing power point in your home and within seconds it will help detect available 
Wi-Fi networks and establish ... - More Details
   Universal Wi-Fi Extender
qm1323 - cat iii multimeter with temperature
QM1323 - Cat III Multimeter with Temperature
• Data hold
• Relative measurement
• Woven nylon pouch with room for the meter and leads includedA budget-priced meter with everything you need - capacitance, temperature and 10A on AC and DC, compact and light weight with ... - More Details
   Cat III Multimeter with Temperature
qm3546 - desk mount led laboratory magnifier lamp
QM3546 - Desk Mount LED Laboratory Magnifier Lamp
This is a high quality, all metal frame construction magnifier which features 90 super bright LEDs inside the magnifier head. The magnifier itself is made of glass and is a 3 dioptre lens, with a metal handle for quick repositioning. An adjustable ... - More Details
   Desk Mount LED Laboratory Magnifier Lamp
qp2295 - ultrasonic distance meter with laser
QP2295 - Ultrasonic Distance Meter with Laser
Measure distance quickly from a remote position. This ultrasonic measurer also calculates area, sums total readings and stores data for later use in imperial or metric units. Laser pointer for accurate placement of the measurement point.• ... - More Details
(NZ$10.00 off, normally NZ$48.29)
 Ultrasonic Distance Meter with Laser
sb2486 - 7.2 amp hour 12v sealed lead acid battery
SB2486 - 7.2 Amp Hour 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery
• Size 150(L) x 65(D) x 93(H)mm
• Charge current 720mA for 10-14 hours
• Discharge current 20 hr rate 350mA
• 20hr rate (0.35A) 7.0Ah
• 10hr rate (0.67A) 6.7Ah
More Details
   7.2 Amp Hour 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery
sb2490 - 18.0 amp hour 12v sealed lead acid battery
SB2490 - 18.0 Amp Hour 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery
SLA- Size 181(L) x 76(D) x 167(H)mm- Charge current 1.8A for 10- 14 hours- Discharge current 20hr rate 900mACapacity:- 20hr rate (0.90A) 18.0Ah- 10hr rate (1.72A) 17.2Ah- 5hr rate (3.05A) 15.2Ah- 1hr rate (10.8A) 10.8Ah- Int Resistance: Fully ... - More Details
   18.0 Amp Hour 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery
sc3033 - network 4 channel dvr kit with 4 high resolution c
SC3033 - Network 4 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Resolution Cameras
Suitable for home, office, and retail shops this kit includes a DVR, cameras, cables and power supply to give you all the necessary parts for a surveillance installation. Designed for locations which require superior video quality, the kit includes ... - More Details
   Network 4 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Resolution Cameras
sc3035 - network 8 channel dvr kit with 4 high resolution c
SC3035 - Network 8 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Resolution Cameras
This kit comes preinstalled with a 500GB HDD and includes a set of 4 x high resolution (600 horizontal TV lines) day/night cameras that deliver exceptional picture quality. With built-in IR LEDs they will continue to capture objects in the dark ... - More Details
   Network 8 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Resolution Cameras
sc3037 - network 8 channel dvr kit with 4 high grade ccd ca
SC3037 - Network 8 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Grade CCD Cameras
Combining flexibility with performance this expandable surveillance kit contains an 8 channel DVR, 4 high grade CCD cameras, camera cables, and power supply. With 8 channels the DVR can support additional cameras beyond those included in the package ... - More Details
   Network 8 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Grade CCD Cameras
sc3038 - 8 channel digital video recorder
SC3038 - 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder
A model designed for surveillance systems in the home or office, this eight channel DVR is an ideal choice for the budget conscious installer who still needs reasonable performance. Includes advanced features such as eight alarm inputs, and one ... - More Details
   8 Channel Digital Video Recorder
sc3039 - network 16 channel dvr kit with 4 high grade ccd c
SC3039 - Network 16 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Grade CCD Cameras 1TB HDD
High performance surveillance kit supplied with 4 high resolution CCD cameras and expandable up to 16 to suit you installation requirements over time. Kit includes 16 channel DVR, 4 x 960H (976 x 582) high resolution colour CCD cameras in ... - More Details
   Network 16 Channel DVR Kit with 4 High Grade CCD Cameras 1TB HDD
sc3049 - economy network 4 channel dvr kit with 4 cameras
SC3049 - Economy Network 4 Channel DVR Kit with 4 Cameras
Price breakthrough! An affordable 4 channel DVR suitable for day and night surveillance. Includes 500GB of storage for up to 300 hours of continuous video recording from the four 420TV line weatherproof colour cameras with IR illumination. The four ... - More Details
   Economy Network 4 Channel DVR Kit with 4 Cameras
sc3621 - wireless 7 colour video doorphone with recording
SC3621 - Wireless 7" Colour Video Doorphone with Recording Function
Add a video door phone to your home or office without the need to run wires. Power the weatherproof outdoor unit from the included power supply or from 6 x AA batteries (not included), which will last up to 6-months of domestic use. View and speak ... - More Details
   Wireless 7" Colour Video Doorphone with Recording Function
sc3852 - 2.4ghz digital wireless reversing camera
SC3852 - 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Reversing Camera
A robust, easy to install wireless reversing camera kit to give you a clearer view of your vehicles rear. Since it is a wireless system it greatly minimises the need for cabling. The 4.3" LCD can be suction mounted to your windscreen and is ... - More Details
   2.4GHz Digital Wireless Reversing Camera
sc8635 - high grade ccd outdoor camera with ir illumination
SC8635 - High Grade CCD Outdoor Camera with IR Illumination
Get superior quality surveillance footage with the convenience of a ready to go package by using these high grade CCD cameras. Available as an indoor dome or weatherproof outdoor model, both feature Sony® Ex-View HAD II CCD sensors and Effio(TM) ... - More Details
   High Grade CCD Outdoor Camera with IR Illumination
sic2257 - automotive blade fuse current meter
SIC2257 - Automotive Blade Fuse Current Meter
The quick and easy way to measure current in automotive circuits. Simply slot the adaptor into the blade fuse holder and take a current measurement. Adaptors for standard, mini and maxi size fuses.
(20% off, normally NZ$110.00)
 Automotive Blade Fuse Current Meter
sl3919 - 3486 lumen ip68 solid led spot light
SL3919 - 3486 Lumen IP68 Solid LED Spot Light
Why would you ever buy halogen or HID spotlights again? 
These LED lights output over 3400 lumens of brilliant white light - that's more light than a 300W halogen! They are also completely shockproof, waterproof (IP68), rust proof, ... - More Details
   3486 Lumen IP68 Solid LED Spot Light
th1812 - stainless cutter / pliers set
(NZ$6.00 off, normally NZ$46.15)
ts1328 - super pro gas soldering tool kit
TS1328 - Super Pro Gas Soldering Tool Kit
This kit contains a Portasol Super Pro Gas Soldering Iron, and all of the following parts.
*Quality storage case.
*Cleaning sponge and tray.
*2.4mm double flat tip (TS-1322).
*4.8mm double flat tip (TS-1323).
*Hot air blow ... - More Details
   Super Pro Gas Soldering Tool Kit
ts1564 - 48w temperature controlled soldering station
TS1564 - 48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
Ideal station for the advanced hobby user. It features accurate analogue temperature adjustment, ceramic element and a lightweight pencil that will give you hours of fatigue-free soldering. The stand has spare tip storage and is very ... - More Details
   48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
ts1620 - 40w temperature controlled soldering station
TS1620 - 40W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
An ideal entry-level soldering station for the hobby user. This station comes with a lightweight iron with anti-slip grip and tip cleaning sponge, with temperature adjustment up to 450C. It also has a 4mm banana socket connected to mains earth for ... - More Details
   40W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
xc0369 - professional wireless weather station with 7 colo
XC0369 - Professional Wireless Weather Station with 7" Colour LCD and Solar Powered Sensors
A professional grade weather station coupled with a 7" colour LCD that will measure almost anything planet earth can throw at it. It's capable of displaying temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, barometric pressure, and dew ... - More Details
   Professional Wireless Weather Station with 7" Colour LCD and Solar Powered Sensors
xc4881 - usb slide/film scanner
Even the most reliable archive methods can't prevent your photos, slides and negatives from fading and becoming damaged. Convert them to digital images quickly and easily with this USB scanner. Images are scanned in about half a second for ... - More Details
(NZ$10.00 off, normally NZ$130.90)
xc4891 - slide/film scanner with lcd Your many precious Kodak moments need not go to waste - digitally record images from your negative films and slides before they fade away. This compact and user-friendly scanner is so simple to use and it doesn't even need a computer to ... - More Details
(NZ$40.00 off, normally NZ$262.90)
xc5216 - foldout twin-fan notebook cooling pad
Designed for portability and durability this foldout twin-fan cooling pad will help keep your notebook from overheating and is made from strong steel construction that folds neatly into a compact package. Once folded out it's suitable for any size ... - More Details
(NZ$2.50 off, normally NZ$9.30)

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