MCB4247 - Humidity & Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino

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Measure temperature and relative humidity using a simple interface that requires just three wires to the sensor: GND, power, and data. Supported by an Arduino library that makes it very easy to read values into your project, so with a single I/O line from your microcontroller you can read both temperature and humidity.

• -4°C to +125°C temperature range with +/-0.5°C accuracy
• 0-100% relative humidity with 2-5% accuracy
• 0.5Hz sample rate (one sample every 2 seconds)
• 3 to 5V operation
• Power consumption just 4.3mA during reads, even less when idle
• Blue power LED
• Dimensions: 31(W) x 23(H) x 4(D)mm

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MCB4247 - Humidity & Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino

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