MCB4218 - Security Sensor Shield Kit for Arduino

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Allows you to connect up to 4 security sensors to a compatible Arduino board. Features full end-of-line support to detect tampering with sensors or cable. The end-of-line technology allows the detection of

• Sensor triggered
• Sensor cable cut
• Sensor cable short-circuited
• Sensor housing opened (even when the system is disarmed.

No surface mount assembly required, uses through-hole parts.

• Supports 4 sensor channels simultaneously
• Sensor power supply totally isolated from the Arduino
• Red "status" LED for each sensor channel to show sens
• Green "Power" LED to show when the sensor power supply is active.
• Blue "Power" LED to show when the Arduino is supplying power to the shield.
• Reset button wired through to Arduino reset pin.
• 100nF bypass/smoothing capacitor on Arduino supply rail.
• Overlay guide where you need it: both top and bottom.
• Gold-plated PCB surface: solders easily and very resistant to finger oil, etc.

Supported sensor types:
• PIR motion detectors
• Microwave motion detectors
• Reed switches
• Glass break detectors
• Gas detectors
• Smoke detectors

Compatible with:
• Freetronics TwentyTen, Arduino Uno, Arduino Duemilanove, and other compatible boards based on the same header format.

Note: Arduino board in picture is not included

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MCB4218 - Security Sensor Shield Kit for Arduino

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