SIC2257 - Automotive Blade Fuse Current Meter

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The quick and easy way to measure current in automotive circuits. Simply slot the adaptor into the blade fuse holder and take a current measurement. Adaptors for standard, mini and maxi size fuses.

  • Peak hold and data hold
  • Analogue 3.5 digit digital display


Measurement range: 0 - 80A
Resolution: 0.1A
Accuracy: ±2%
Dimensions: 112(L) x 45(W) x 33(D)mm

Price:NZ$88.00 (with 20% off - Normally NZ$110.00 + 15.0% GST)

15.0% Goods and Services tax will be added to your order.

SIC2257 - Automotive Blade Fuse Current Meter

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