Buy Wi-Fi Rover with Camera in NZ.

Wi-Fi Rover with Camera

Have endless hours of fun, sneaking up on your family and friends with the Wi-Fi iPad® / iPhone® / iPod ® controlled rover. Take control of the rover by downloading the free app from the iTunes® App Store, installing it on your device, then connecting to it via a Wi-Fi network. To drive the rover, use the touch screen interface provided by the app or enable G-Drive mode and tilt your device like a steering wheel. An onboard camera streams live video of the image directly in front the rover, allowing you to continue driving even if it’s out of sight, behind walls, etc. Don't let complete darkness deter you from your exploration, turn on the IR lamp and continue your journey. Or be a spy, take snapshots as you move along or listen in on your subject using the built-in microphone. The rover runs on 6 x AA batteries (not included) and has a range of up to 60m, unobstructed.

• Built-in microphone for live audio streaming
• Onboard camera for live video stream or to take snapshots
• Night vision mode via IR illumination
• Range up to 60m depending on obstruction.
• G-Drive Mode, tilt your device like a steering wheel
• Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included)
• Free app via the iTunes® App Store
• Weight: approximately 1.04kg
• Dimensions with antenna: 196(L) x 260(W) x 196(H) mm

Note: The iPad® & iPhone® are shown for demonstration purposes only and is not included with the purchase of this product.